Sarrita King was born on March 5th 1988. Her father William King is from the tribe Gurindji, with his skin name being Jungala. Sarrita grew up in Darwin in the Northern Territory.

During 2005 Sarrita visited her father, William King, several times and became interested in his art. After completing high school in Darwin and being accepted by the South Australian Institute of Sport for netball Sarrita decided to move to Adelaide permanently.

Sarrita now spends most of her time in her father's studio working on her art. Sarrita's inspiration for her art is the amazing environment she grew up within the Northern Territory. Also, Sarrita reflects on much of her experiences with family members, especially her father who taught her about her Aboriginal heritage and the connection to our world in general.

Sarrita's Lightning Series

The Lightning series is inspired by the big storms of the Northern Territory. From a young age Sarrita King has always been fascinated by the big rains where she grew up. Most of all seeing the storms in the distance she would be amazed by the patterns formed by the rain drops, lightning and the clouds.
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